Animals find their way to the rescue partners of CPAA for a wide range of reasons. They are given away due to behavioral issues, changes in family dynamics, allergies and much more. Rescue partners take each animal, provide comprehensive medical care, basic training, emotional support and anything else the animal might need. Once the rescue feels that the animal is ready to head on to a new home, they place the animal up for adoption. Most rescues require adopters to complete an adoption application and participate in a thorough screening process to make sure that the animal and the adopters are good fits for each other.

When considering adoption, be sure to take into account all aspects of your life and the type of animal who would be a good fir for your lifestyle. Remember that adopting a pet is a life long commitment and the decision to do so should be treated with thoughtful respect. Do plenty of research on each breed that appeals to you and get in touch with a good trainer so that you both get off on the right foot.